How to Remove Vehicle Signage

By Mink Team / 10 February 2021 /

The most common form of applying branded vehicle signs and vehicle decals is through the application of custom-designed adhesive vinyl graphic or vinyl lettering. Want to know all the insider tips from vinyl wrap experts for removing signage and decals from your vehicle? Check out our extensive guide on everything you need to know before…

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How Much Vinyl is Needed to Wrap a Car?

By Wrap Co / 30 November 2020 /

Custom vinyl wraps have rapidly grown in popularity with car owners in recent years. When examining the benefits of car wrap, it is understandable as to why every one is looking to transform their vehicle today. Not only can it improve and enhance the finish of your car, but also, it can protect your car’s…

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How Much Does It Cost to Wrap a Car?

By Wrap Co / 28 October 2020 /

All individual car wrapping services are different in prices. However, if you would like a rough estimated price guide on Wrap-Co’s quick car wraps, see below: Starting from, Full wrap: $3250+ Partial wrap: $1500+ Bonnet wrap: $350 Door handles: $60 each What is vinyl wrapping? The concept of vinyl wrapping cars has been around for…

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The Benefits of Vinyl Wrapping a Business Vehicle

By Wrap Co / 9 October 2020 /

Are you a small business owner with a company vehicle or do you manage a fleet of trucks for a large organisation? Tired of the original paintwork? Or do you want to avoid stone chips and retain the resale value of your assets? You could bring an enormous return on investment by simply vinyl wrapping…

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