How Much Vinyl is Needed to Wrap a Car?

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Custom vinyl wraps have rapidly grown in popularity with car owners in recent years. When examining the benefits of car wrap, it is understandable as to why every one is looking to transform their vehicle today. Not only can it improve and enhance the finish of your car, but also, it can protect your car’s paint from scratches and chips. Looking to wrap your car today but not sure where to begin or how much vinyl you will need? Our professionals at Wrap Co break down the measurements that you will need to start car wrapping.

Below are rough estimates of vinyl amounts needed for a range of vehicles. All measurements below are based on 1.52 metre widths and are for full vehicle wraps. If you are interested in car wrapping cost, or just a partial wrap, then check out our article here or contact us today!


Small Car or Hatchback: 12 Metres of wrap

Medium Car or Sedan: 15 Metres of wrap

Large SUV: 18-20 Metres of wrap


Small Van: 18 Metres of wrap

Medium Van: 22 Metres of wrap

Large Van: 25-35 Metres of wrap

Trucks (Full Cab with Box Rear)

Small Truck: 30 Metres+ of wrap

Medium Truck: 40 Metres of wrap

Large Truck: 50-60 Metres+ of wrap

Trucks (Box Only, No Cab)

Small Truck: 20 Metres of wrap

Medium Truck: 30 Metres of wrap

Large Truck: 40 Metres+ of wrap

Measuring Your Vehicle

If you would like a more accurate guide for your car specifically, you can use the formula below to calculate the vinyl needed for your vehicle.

Measure the Length of Your Vehicle (From the Front to Back)

– (2) Two Sides of the Vehicle

– The Top of the Vehicle

Multiply by the combined length by 3. Allow an extra 1.5 metres to 3 metres for mistakes and additional parts of the car.

Preparation Before Wrapping a Vehicle

Here are some things to note before you do go out and purchase vehicle wrap for your car. Taking into account the below will help you avoid damaging your vehicle and will aid in the correct vinyl wrap application for your vehicle. This may be a lengthy process but it will save you hours in trying to fix bubbling and creasing.

The age of your current paintwork

Cheaper cars tend to have a low quality protective clear coat applied over the paint. Over time, this coat becomes vulnerable and begins to peel. If a wrap is applied over this aged paint and is then removed, it may remove the clear coat underneath as well. Particularly if the vinyl wrap is not removed correctly.

Clean car from any bumps or dirt

Vinyl wrap will only create a layer above the existing surface of your car. Therefore, it is important to ensure the car is free from any lumps or dirt to avoid it showing underneath the applied vinyl. Note if you do have lumps or imperfections on your car that you would like to minimise as much as possible, opt for dark colours to recede these areas. Additionally, avoid matte and satin textured vinyl wraps as this can highlight these imperfections or areas you want to hide.

Ensure that your car is fully dry before applying any vinyl. Any dirt or residue that is left on the paint will cause the vinyl to lift.

Choosing well-known branded vinyl suppliers

There is nothing worse than spending hours applying vinyl to your car only for it to start yellowing, fade, or peel later on. That is why at Wrap Co, we use only the highest quality vinyl wraps for our services. Not only will your car wrap last longer, but most manufacturers provide a warranty for their products so you can be sure it is going to last. However, do keep in mind that some brands only offer this warranty for their vinyl wraps when a professional applies it to a vehicle.

We suggest using a trusted vinyl manufacturer, such as the following brands: 3M, Avery & Hexis.

Choosing a clean, dirt-free environment

Once your car is fully clean and dirt free, it makes sense to try to avoid dusty environments for your vinyl wrap installation. Additionally, moisture from external factors will affect the final product. Therefore, an indoor garage that is away from the direct sunlight and external elements is the most ideal place to apply your vehicle vinyl wrap. This may also help regulate the temperature for optimal conditions to apply the vinyl. Extremely hot or cold temperatures may cause the vinyl wrap to stretch or shrink, reducing the life of the wrap.

Avoid the Headache and Get a Professional

If the amount of vinyl needed and preparation required for a car wrap seems too overwhelming, the professionals at Wrap Co have got your back. We get the job done right the first time. We have wrapped countless cars, trucks, and vans and therefore, you won’t need to waste product as we know exactly how much is needed for your vehicle. Additionally, we can assist in providing you a striking vehicle wrap design and options for custom vehicle graphics, as well as signage too. Get in touch with us today at Wrap Co.

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