What is Vinyl Wrap?

Vinyl wrap is a modern alternative to a new coat of paint for your vehicle. Vinyl wrap describes the practice of fully or partially covering a vehicle’s original paint with large sheets of coloured, textured, or custom designed adhesive vinyl film.

It not only allows you to give you vehicle a one-of-a-kind look, but it can also protect your vehicle’s original condition, and prevent your paintwork from any further damage such as, bird droppings or tree sap.

Vinyl wraps are installed by professionally trained vinyl wrap technicians using specialist tools. This ensures a high-quality paint-like finish that will stand the test of time. A unique vinyl wrap design can turn the heads of bystanders and the designs are endless, you will have creative options such as contrasting colours, patterns, texture, and space.

Top Vinyl Wrap Design

Factors to Consider Before Designing Your Vinyl Wrap


Decide on a colour scheme should be one of the first steps you take when designing your vinyl wrap. Think about shades that would appeal to you for a personal vehicle vinyl wrap, or colours that are relevant to your business if you are wrapping a company car.

Paint Condition

To get the best possible vinyl wrap job, it is important to take note of whether or not your car paint is in good condition. Wraps generally do not hide paint defects or dents, but instead they might bring more attention to them.   

Material Quality

It is especially important to only use high quality vinyl wrap film on your car, such as 3M or Hexis. Cheaper, low-quality materials are harder to handle, potentially resulting in poor installation quality and wrinkles on the surface. If you think that you may remove the wrap in the future, you should definitely avoid using poor quality wrap as it can make the removal process a nightmare by damaging the original paint.


A wrapped work vehicle can be used as a moving signage, so you need to make sure the message is simple. If too much text is used, the vinyl design becomes unreadable while cruising on the highway or parked, defeating the whole purpose.

7 Vinyl Wrap Design Tips You Need to Know

1. Tools

Select a vector graphics editor like Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, which will enable you to create designs that you can scale without losing clarity. Make use of vehicle templates so you don’t have to take photos of the vehicle and measure the dimensions.

2. Research

Notice the design and information included on competitors’ vinyl wraps. After some research, you will be aware of the current vinyl designs on the road, possibly drawing inspiration, and now you can create something that stands out.

3. Branding

Unlike traditional advertising, where the audience has time to absorb any visuals and messages, a vinyl wrap needs to be impactful yet easy to read. There is less time to capture attention, so ensure the message and branding can be immediately recognised and memorable.


4. Placement

A well-planned vinyl wrap design prepares for how your branding message reads when doors are open or closed. Think about the placement of key information, for example, avoid placing logos on door handles or gaps.

Design tip! Carry the wrap design onto the vehicle windows for maximum coverage and impact. Specialised window vinyl wrap is perforated with tiny holes that allow you to see out as if you were looking through an unwrapped window – it is completely safe as long as the front windshield and the front driver and passenger windows are left uncovered.

5. Be Bold

The main purpose of a vinyl wrap on a vehicle is to stand out from the crowd, so be bold and unique with your colours and overall design. Here are some quick and bold vinyl wrap design tips:

  • Use bright, contrasting colours
  • Make use of larger graphics and images
  • Avoid overcrowding the design
  • Maintain enough blank space so viewers’ attention can be drawn to the main message and elements of the wrap
  • Produce a visual experience for your target audience who views the ad from a long distance, either moving or at a standstill

6. Angles

You should remember that the surface of a car is not flat. Every angle, space and curve of the vehicle must be taken into consideration when designing a vinyl wrap. Overlooking these elements will result in a car wrap design that is difficult to read and understand, proving not as impactful on viewers.

Design tip! Using a vehicle template while designing your vinyl wrap will help you stay mindful of a design that will fit on a specific vehicle’s surface properly without having a distorted image, logo, or message.

7. See an Expert

Choosing a vinyl wrap and signage expert is very important as inexperienced installers may leave visible seams on parts of your vehicle, making it look like a DIY job!

A vinyl wrap design that spills over onto multiple panels creates a more labour-hungry installation, however, clever design creates the same effect whilst being mindful of your budget.

Signage professionals have the ability to modify designs to suit different vehicles, even if you are planning to wrap an entire fleet. Be sure to work with a licensed and reputable signage company, such as Wrap Co.

See an Expert

Vehicle Vinyl Wrap Options

Both full and partial vinyl wraps have the same objective of transforming your vehicle in order to gain the attention of your target audience and to convert them into customers. A well-designed and executed wrap will help to grow and bring attention to your business at the end of the day as it will be seen every day for years to come, as long as the wrap is looked after.

Full Vehicle Vinyl Wrap

As the name would suggests, a full vinyl wrap offers complete coverage of an entire vehicle. Most surfaces of a vehicle can be covered, including:

  • Bonnet/Hood
  • Rear
  • Sides
  • Bumpers
  • Windows (with specialised, perforated vinyl)

Benefits of a Full Vinyl Wrap

  • Transforms your vehicle into a mobile billboard for your business
  • Allows you to change the appearance of the vehicle in one go
  • Full wrap is more captivating and harder to miss on the road
Full Vehicle Vinyl Wrap

Stripe Vinyl Kits

Wrap Co can design, manufacture, and install almost any type or style of stripe and decal kit, ranging from traditional to custom designs. Striping options are virtually endless and can be created in whatever colour and size requirements you may have for your vehicle.

Stripe Vinyl Kits

Need A Vinyl Wrap Design Expert? Get in Touch with Wrap Co

When designing the perfect vehicle wrap design, ensure that it conveys your brand message effectively, has contrasting colours and does not look overcrowded. That way it will quickly draw the attention of bystanders who may even be at a long distance away.


Whether you go for a full or partial vinyl wrap design, both styles can offer unmatched marketing reach and longevity. The best choice for your company vehicle will depend on your goals and budget, why not take a look at our gallery for some inspiration?


Work with the professionals at Wrap Co to design the perfect vinyl wrap based on what you need, and we will help you bring that vision to life, whether that is for one vehicle or a fleet of work vehicles. Contact us online or call us on 1300652841 today for a quote.

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