Paint Protection Film (PPF)



What is Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is an adhesive vinyl coating that can be applied to almost any painted surface and is almost invisible to the naked eye. PPF protects your car's paintwork from things like a stone chip, uv ray, sea salt, insects, and other road debris, as well as facilitating cleaning by preventing dirt, bird droppings or even a bug splatter from sticking to the paintwork. The paint protection film takes the damage and ensures your car's paintwork remains unmarked. The clear film also has a self-healing property and acts as invisible protection for the life span of the wrap. It is definitely worth the investment when your expensive and valuable vehicle can be susceptible to scratches and chips.

Why Choose Wrap Co for Paint Protection Film

All of our paint protection coating packages come with a 5-10 year manufacturer’s warranty, and are installed by authorised experts to ensure a professional finish. A Paint Protection Film (PPF) wrap is an easy solution for maintaining your vehicle’s resale value by protecting the original paintwork. Our PPF wrap services are fully customisable to suit your vehicle and budget. If you already have an existing vehicle vinyl wrap, we are able to add PPF on top for superior surface protection.

Getting a professional wrap can save you hours of work just to have bubbles and rolls in the film on your car. We only carry and use industry standard materials for all of our services. Additionally, we provide a workmanship warranty so you can be reassured that the results will last. We work efficiently and specifically cut the PPF to fit your car like a glove. Wrap Co have worked on countless high-end vehicles and therefore, can trust that we will take care of your car. Contact us today to get your vehicle protected with PPF.


What are my options?

We have many packages available to suit your needs and budget. Paint protection film is suitable for any vehicle, including cars, motorcycles, boats, trucks, vans.

With our expert advice, you can choose which areas of your vehicle are wrapped to best suit your requirements.


Full Vehicle Wrap

A full wrap covers the entire vehicle paintwork providing complete confidence that the paintwork of the entire vehicle is protected from any harm. On average, a full vehicle may take three to five days, depending on the size.


Partial Vehicle Wraps

A partial vehicle wrap covers part of the vehicle. Common choices are to wrap the bumper, the bonnet, the headlights, the wing mirrors or a combination of these. A front kit will be a fast process - drive in the morning and drive out in the afternoon.


There are many benefits of PPF, including:

  • Protects your paintwork from rocks, the sun, sea salt, insects, and other road debris
  • Self-heals to ensure the film remains invisible for the lifespan of the wrap
  • A 5-10 year manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind
  • Custom wraps to protect the areas most important to you
  • Used as an add-on to be an improvement to the vehicle or it can be simply removed to restore the car back to the original paint.
  • Facilitates cleaning by preventing dirt from sticking to the bodywork. Dirt and debris can come off easier.
  • Provides UV protection - protecting fading paint and sun damage.


Wrap Co uses only the best brands of paint protection film for a multitude of reasons. SunTek ppf ultra is one of the trusted brands that we use and is manufactured in the USA. They also have a unique printing software for your vehicle that allows us to create an exact template for your car, reducing the need for cutting film. There is anti-yellowing properties and will not discolour, even after years! SunTek also provides a ten year manufacturer’s warranty so you can be sure it is of high quality.

You may find that with cheaper, lower graded PPF:

  • The film can start to yellow and becomes less transparent
  • It does not last as long
  • There are no options for a true high gloss or matte finish
  • No guarantee of ‘self-healing’ qualities like the branded, high-quality PPF.
  • Some may not provide a warranty on the product.

Our Process



Following your enquiry via phone or website, a friendly team member will be in touch to get an understanding of your requirements, answer your questions and provide advice and a quick quote. Samples can be provided.



When you’re happy to move forward, we will ensure we have a thorough understanding of your requirements whether it be high gloss or matte finish and ask you to commit to the project. A date will be confirmed for the installation.



The Wrap Co installers will come to you on site or you can drop off your vehicles at a location convenient to you. The installation will be completed using high-quality, durable PPF from a trusted brand and requires several steps;

Getting the car ready : It's likely your car will need a good wash down first and an inspection to check for dirt/ grit in places where it can get stuck down under the film during installation.

Cleaning down the painted surfaces.: The next step is use and alcohol solution to remove/ break down any wax, tar or other substance that could prevent the film sticking to the paint surface.

Application of the film. : A professional installer will then apply the paint protection film. We do this one panel at a time by hand.

Once all panels have been applied : we inspect all the edges with a heat gun and make sure everything is smooth and finished to the highest standard.


Quality Control

Before you collect your vehicle, we carry out Quality Control checks to ensure the wrap meets our high standards and will stand the test of time.


The Big Reveal

And finally, you can drive/fly/sail your upgraded vehicle into the sunset, along with a care package, warranties and complete customer satisfaction!

FAQ on Paint Protection Film (PPF)

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