We offer permanent wheel painting as a standalone service for wheel repair and colour change or, to compliment your vehicle wrap and achieve a full makeover in line with your new vehicle color scheme.


How does wheel painting work?

Car wheel painting involves respraying or painting the existing wheels of your car with any custom colour or shade you desire. Many people enjoy having their wheels resprayed to add that ‘wow’ factor to their car or to simply revive the car without any extreme modifications.

Car wheel resprays usually involve 3 coatings - a primer coat, colour paint and clear coat. It takes roughly 3-4 days to dry and cure completely before the tires are reattached and the wheels are fitted back onto the car/vehicle.

You also have the option of Powder Coating. This technical method of painting applies a protective finish to metal surfaces, like alloy car wheels. Ground pigment and resin create a powder, which is then electronically charged and sprayed onto the surface to be coated. The charged powder particles stick to electrically grounded surfaces until the powder coating is heated and fused into a smooth coating. The result is high quality and attractive professional wheel painting. Powder coating is the same process that is used by manufacturers when they make an alloy wheel, so that's the quality of finish you can expect!

What Colours Can I Choose for My Care Wheel Respray?

Our process includes using 2-pack paint and can colour match the wheel respray to any sample or color wheel you provide, to ensure the exact outcome you’re looking for.

Alternatively, you can choose one of the following finishes - gloss black, matte black, gloss silver, matte silver, or shadow chrome. Whilst a home DIY or budget painter may just use masking tape to protect the tire, we remove the tires from the wheels before the spray, to ensure a perfect finish that will stand the test of time. We also rebalance the wheels prior to returning them to you. If your wheels require any repairs, Wrap Co. are happy to quote for this too.

Benefits of Wheel Paint Resprays

Car wheel resprays go beyond simply looks. Check out our list below on some of the reasons why you should consider having your wheels painted.

Restore & Revives Your Wheels

Over the course of many years on the road, your the rim of your wheels will be exposed to scrapes, chips, rusting and scratches. This causes your car to look aged and dull, even though it may be only a few years old. Wheel respraying allows you to restore your car to its original condition or give it a much-needed lift. 

A Cheap Mod for Value

When owning a car for a number of years, you may like to change up the look and the feel of it with modifications. However, some exterior car modifications can be expensive. Wheel resprays allow you to have a new car feel without the hefty price tag. It not only provides some protection but it also, can dramatically change the look of your vehicle.

Don’t Buy, Respray!

Wheel respraying is a fantastic and cost-efficient alternative to purchasing new wheels. If you are currently satisfied with the size and pattern of your existing wheels, spraying them will save you purchasing an expensive set of wheels just for a new colour.


Cost of a Wheel Paint job

The cost will vary between different vehicles and the colour you desire to paint your alloy or steel wheels. A rough guide for gloss black for a set of 4 wheels on a standard car is around $700. However, we suggest that you contact Wrap Co. today for an exact quote.

If you also have trouble deciding on the best colour for your wheel respray, our friendly team will be more than happy to give you some suggestions for your vehicle’s new look.

The Process of Wheel Painting

Why Choose Wrap Co for Wheel Respray

Wrap Co have executed countless wheel resprays and are backed by over 20 years of experience. We are proud to provide a 1-year workmanship warranty so you can be sure that we get the job done right the first time. If you are interested in a car wheel respray, get in touch with us today.

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