Are you looking to stylize your vehicle with some finer details? We offer light and window tinting as standalone services or to compliment your vehicle wrap for a full makeover.

Car Window Tinting

What is Window Tinting?

Car window tinting involves applying a thin adhesive film that is darker or tinted in colour over the top of your car windows. They are a simple addition that can save you money on scratches, chips and damage. It can be applied to the front and back driver and passenger side windows as well. It's illegal to fully tint your windscreen or windshield, but in NSW you can add a tinted or opaque band across the top of the windscreen, providing it is no lower than 10% of the height of the windscreen and is above the reach of your windscreen wipers.


Benefits of Car Window Tinting

A car window tint is great for finishing off the appearance of your vehicle. Tinting is also beneficial for protecting people in the vehicle from UV rays, providing privacy away from prying eyes and heat resistance. It reduces glare from the sun during the day and helps you drive with ease. If you opt for a darker tint, the more UV rays are going to be blocked out. Additional to being beneficial in the warmer weather, it provides insulation and regulates heat inside of your vehicle in the cooler weather.

Particularly in warm climates such as Australia, our vehicles can heat up in an instant. Window tinting can shield the inside of the vehicle from become damaged due to the excess heat and harmful UV rays.

Car window tinting even provides protection from daily minor damages that your car may be vulnerable to such as flying rocks and stones from the road which can result in shattered glass. Good quality automotive window film will keep the glass held together!

Why Choose Wrap Co for Your Car Window Tinting

We offer high-quality window tinting services with rapid turnaround time, guaranteed work and high-quality finishes.

Our window tints are available at incredibly competitive rates. Like all of our other services we only use premium branded materials.

Wrap Co can professionally remove existing old window tints and replace them with no fuss.

We can provide advice and customise your window tints to your desired shade. All of our work comes with a 1-year workmanship warranty for added peace of mind.

The Legal Limit in NSW

Vehicles are permitted 35% as the darkest legal tint shade on the driver and passenger side, and 20% for the rear side windows. An illegal tint can result in some hefty fines, so it's critical you do your research first! We at Wrap Co, are well aware of these limits and rules for window tints. If you need more information on the darkness of your desired tint, contact us.

How Much Do Window Tints Cost?

Depending on the size of the windows, our prices can start from $275. If you would like a specific quote or more information on how we can upgrade your windows, call us today at Wrap Co.

Why Get a Professional to Tint Your Windows

Before you consider tinting your windows yourself to save a bit of cash, a professional understands the pitfalls of the installation process. We also provide a warranty on the service, therefore, if any issues do arise, we can resolve it quickly. Some window tint manufacturers only provide the warranty when it is professionally installed. Therefore, you could run into some problems if there is a fault in the material, in the case of a DIY job.

A DIY job may result in over-purchasing or under-purchasing film. Whereas a professional understands the exact measurement, saving you time and money.

It is also one less worry. You won't have to concern yourself over countless videos and tutorials, only to find out you had the wrong product or technique. Not to mention if your job falls through, you will have to go to a professional to fix the mistakes, costing you extra. We can get it done right the first time for you.

At Wrap Co, we have the correct industry-standard tools to carry out the window tinting process. It will save you rushing out to buy extra tools that you may never have to use again.

We Offer The Following Window Tinting Packages


This is the most cost-effective option for your windows. It offers 99% UV resistance and a great final appearance.

IR Ceramic

Our IR Ceramic window film gives 91% infrared and heat rejection - outstanding performance! It looks fantastic and it won't disappoint.


The dark window film comprises a metal layer, which enhances the heat and UV resistance. It also provides a more stealth finish.

Security Tint

Security tint is essential for protecting against glass breakage. It is 0.5mm thick and as with all our tints, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Are you looking to stylize your vehicle with some finer details? We offer light and window tinting as standalone services or to compliment your vehicle wrap for a full makeover.

Light Tints

What is light tinting?

Light tinting involves applying a coloured translucent light casing for your headlights, side-indicators, fog-lights and tail-lights to create an aesthetically, stealthy looking car. The most common reason for light tinting is to reduce the bright redness from the tail-lights.

With 16 shades available in premium materials, we can create any desired tint for your car. There are multiple shades of black - such as light, medium and dark smoke.


Benefits of Light Tinting

The vinyl provides protection for the light casing and is more long lasting than spray tints. We only use high quality and industry standard materials for all of our services. Therefore, you can be reassured your tint is going to last. It is also removable, should you wish to return to stock.

Light tinting provides a barrier layer from UV rays that causes the lights to become less transparent.

It is the perfect addition for your existing vinyl wrap to complete the full look for your car.

Cost of Light Tinting

Our prices start from $160 for two lights. If you would like a more specific quote for your vehicle, please get in touch with us at Wrap Co.

It can be completed without too much notice. The installation can be carried out on site and typically takes 2-3 hours. You will also be provided with care instructions to ensure a perfect finished look. For the darker grey colours, it can be completed slightly faster than some other colours, as they require the water application. This is because of the slip solution in the water application needs further drying time.

How Long Does Light Tinting Last?

The manufacturer states that it has a two-year life span. However, from our experience, if your tints are well taken care of, it can last for 3+ years.

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