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Operating your own business is generally not just a 9 to 5 job. Even outside of traditional business hours, you are still representing your brand and possibly even promoting it to prospective customers. But you are thinking, how is this possible? This can be done by applying vehicle signage on your business van or entire fleet of vans by Wrap Co.

We specialise in vehicle wrap and signage that are meticulously applied to your van, while helping you promote your business on the road. Van wrap advertising ensures you get your brand noticed effortlessly!

What is a Van Wrap or Van Signage?

A van wrap and van signage are two common options for vehicle/van branding. Both choices give you room to feature logos, lettering, corporate images, company information, colourful themes, and even QR codes on your vehicle’s exterior.


What is a Van Wrap?

A van wrap installation involves applying a strong vinyl adhesive film to the surface of a vehicle - in this case, a van and covering its original paint.

The use of vehicle signage lets you change the appearance of your van in a short period of time, and if needed, allows you the option to remove the wrap, returning the vehicle back to its original condition.

What is Van Signage?

Van signage is a vinyl wrap installation specifically tailored to showcase your business or company details on the vehicle. Vehicle graphics from full wraps to small sticker decals will allow you to catch people’s attention with a pop of colour and text.

With van signage, there is room to customise the size and placement of graphics, for example, logos, images of projects, phone numbers. These can be placed all over the van to create a unified look. Van signage can be a cost-effective way to make your business vehicle a mobile billboard.

Benefits of Van Wrap and Vehicle Signage

24/7 Advertising

Van signage provides you with 24 hours a day, seven days a week advertising without lifting a finger. Any time you drive the van, it will act as a walking advertisement for your business, so you can attract the attention of other drivers, pedestrians and potential customers whilst on the job.

The return on investment (ROI) potential on van signage can be substantial. Your wrapped van has the potential to generate thousands of impressions each day, and this can lead to new customers and therefore, increased revenue in the long run.


There are endless possibilities for the type of design, image, or pattern you can wrap your business van with. Compared to getting your vehicle painted, where you are limited to the skill and budget of the car painter.

Wrap Co have graphic designers ready to work with you to figure out what you want to display on your van and design it exactly to your taste. Your vehicle sign will then be printed onto the best quality vinyl before being professionally applied by our trusted signage technicians.


Breathe new life into the appearance of your van by simply changing its appearance with a van wrap or signage. With countless options in colours, designs, and finishes, Wrap Co’s van wraps or signage will instantly enhance the look of your business vehicle, whilst readily promoting your brand.  


One main benefit of van wrapping is that the vinyl will cover the entire vehicle forming a smooth exterior including its door handles, windows, hoods etc. A quality van wrap will help shield your vehicle from scratches and fading from prolonged exposure to the sun, dust, and harsh weather conditions.

Essentially, if you are the owner of a newer business van, vinyl wrapping will maintain your vehicle’s residual value. Imagine driving around for the next few years without typical, day-to-day damage to its paintwork? A van wrap will protect the overall exterior of the vehicle or fleet of vehicles, increasing the resale value.

Why Choose Wrap Co For Your Fleet and Van Signage?

  • We have several locations across NSW for your convenience - Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches, Inner West, and Western Sydney.

  • With 20+ years of experience in the professional signage industry, we know we are providing the highest quality of wraps supported by our superior installation service.

  • We have a team of specialist graphic designers to help bring your vision to life.

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  • Your van wrap and signage will be printed on high-quality, durable vinyl from renowned brands such as 3M, Avery and Hexis.

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Why Choose Wrap Co For Your Fleet and Van Signage

Ready to Transform Your Van?

Wrap Co is a leading provider of high-quality vehicle wrapping services based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches with a wide network of installers across Australia, proudly assisting small to large-sized businesses from a vast range of industries.

We ensure 100% satisfaction for all completed work with our 3-year manufacturer’s warranty and 1-year workmanship warranty, allowing you to feel willing and ready to promote your business from behind the wheel. For all things relating to vehicle wraps and signage, contact Wrap Co on 1300652841 or contact us online.

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