Are you a small business owner with a company vehicle or do you manage a fleet of trucks for a large organisation? Tired of the original paintwork? Or do you want to avoid stone chips and retain the resale value of your assets? You could bring an enormous return on investment by simply vinyl wrapping your car or vehicle. These are just a few of the benefits that come with vehicle wrap advertising. Check out the rest of this blog to find out how you could maximise your commercial vehicles potential.

What does a vinyl wrap on a business vehicle look like?

A good full vinyl car wrap can look just as a good as a custom paint job, with the addition of layering logos and business signage over the top of the original paintwork. When driving to work or running errands, you may see branded vehicles. In almost all cases, this branding is achieved using vinyl wrap. These can range from effective small door stickers, a partial wrap or can be eye-catching full car wraps.

The options are endless when it comes to designing your vehicle wrapping for branding. Similar to a paint job, you can choose your vinyl finish, such as matte or gloss. You are also not limited to just your company name or logo - you can have high-resolution pictures of your work and products on a large scale. Talk about billboard advertising!

The benefits of wrapping your company vehicles

Cost-Effective Advertisement

By wrapping your vehicle, it becomes a permanent advertisement for your company. Commuters on the road are drawn to the different colours and patterns of your wrapped vehicle. Your potential customers are stuck in peak-hour traffic and there is a branded car in front. It’s almost unavoidable to miss loud numbers and slogans. Unlike digital advertising, this form of advertisement is 24/7 for as long as the wrap lasts. It is a one-off payment for thousands of people a day to see your company.

A Professional Front for Your Business

If you have a small business and you're unsure how you can create a premium brand for your company, try wrapping your vehicle. A vinyl car wrapping company can help you create a striking design for your older vehicle, helping elevate your brand and professionalism. It is definitely not limited to just large scale companies. If you are visiting customers or clients, a wrapped car can dramatically improve the credibility and integrity of your company. It shows that you, and your company are the real deal.

No More Scratches and Chipped Paint

If you have multiple company vehicles on the road, the cost to maintain resale value can be quite daunting. Vinyl wrapping your car can aid in relieving some of these cosmetic costs and freshen up the tired look of old paint. Paint has a tendency to chip and scratch easily and vinyl is essentially like a protective film which also acts as vehicle signage! When travelling to and from work, your car can rack up a significant amount of scratches or chips from loose rocks, scrapes and other people on the road. The durability of vinyl can prevent minor damages to your car, as well as providing a low-maintenance exterior.

Leased Vehicles? No Problem

If you rent an expensive fleet of trucks but still want your branding on the doors or a full wrap from front to back, you can be reassured that vinyl wrapping is completely removable. Vinyl film uses a non-damaging adhesive to ensure this temporary, yet durable process will not impact the original paintwork of the vehicle. Therefore, you can be confident in returning the vehicle in pristine condition.

Unique wrap designs specifically for you

Wrap Co can provide assistance in designing a unique and creative wrap for your vehicles. With 20 years of experience, you can trust that we understand the best way to represent your company on your vehicle. Not only do they provide a 3-year material warranty, but their work also comes with a 1-year workmanship warranty too. Speak to one of our specialists to learn more about the benefits of vinyl wrapping a car and receive a no-obligation quote today!

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