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Got a car or a fleet of trucks that need to be vinyl wrapped in Curl Curl? Wrap Co have 20 years’ experience in transforming everyday vehicles, company vehicles and boats into colourful masterpieces.
Forget expensive mods and paint jobs, with vinyl wrap, your mode of transport will look elevated and eye-catching in less than a few days. Wrap Co arrive to your ideal location in Curl Curl and complete our full installation on the spot. Unsure about what service you need? Contact Wrap Co today for a consultation and a free quote.

A quick guide on getting your vehicle vinyl wrapped by Wrap Co


What is vehicle vinyl wrap?

It is an adhesive film that is installed over the existing paintwork of your vehicle to change the colour, add graphics or change the finish of the car. Not only does it offer aesthetic benefits, but it also helps shield your car from UV rays, minor scratches and fading paint. It is simple to remove by a professional and the original paintwork will be undamaged if removed correctly. If you are looking to remove your vinyl wrap or replace your existing vinyl wrap in Curl Curl, contact Wrap Co today to book in your professional removal.


How long does it take to vinyl wrap a car?

Depending on the size of the car and number of vehicles you are requesting to have installed, the time will vary. More angles and curves will contribute to how long it will take to finish the wrap. Wrap Co has an estimated 2–3 day turnaround time to install a full wrap on a standard car. When we return your car, it is important that you should limit the amount of driving for the first 12 hours as this may affect the final result. Upon handover, we provide you with a full care and maintenance package to ensure you are aware of how to maintain your fresh wrap.


Why should I get a professional to wrap my vehicle?

We understand that DIY jobs may appear to be more cost-efficient upfront. However, many do not take into account the tools and technique required to achieve a long-lasting vinyl wrap. Professionals like Wrap Co also understand the exact amount of vinyl wrap to use for your vehicle’s make and model, avoiding any unnecessary waste.
We believe in getting the job done right the first time as so often customers request us to fix a botched DIY job. It will inevitably save you money spent on materials and tools that you may never use again.

Last but not least is peace of mind. When a professional vinyl wrap expert is able to travel to your location in Curl Curl and install your vinyl wrap design, it will relieve any stresses you may have when it comes to vinyl wrapping your vehicle. All you need to do is sit back and relax. Wrap Co offer a one-year workmanship warranty as well as a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty so you know our work is of high-quality. Call a professional today – contact Wrap Co.

Vehicle Signage and Vehicle Branding in Curl Curl

If you own a business in Curl Curl and are travelling for work, either delivering goods or visiting clients to provide a service, having a branded vehicle ensures that you are taken seriously. No matter how big or small your business is, getting signage for your vehicle should be considered one of the most essential steps in advertising/showcasing your business.

At Wrap Co, we are able to create specifically unique designs that highlight your business in the best way possible. We offer a range of styles and an extensive colour palette to choose from. Want to know what we can do for your business? Contact Wrap Co today to get started.

Other Ways to Transform Your Vehicle

Maybe a full vinyl wrap may not be your style but you still want to add value to your vehicle, wheel painting and window/light tinting are the perfect ways to add a touch of flair.


Curl Curl Wheel Painting

Add wow factor to your wheels with Wrap Co’s wheel painting services. Rather than purchasing a whole new set of rims just to achieve a different colour/finish, wheel painting is a fraction of the price for the same result. While you may think this can be a simple DIY job at home, we take the liberty of removing the tires from the wheels to ensure a full coating is applied. You can choose from a number of colours and finishes such as matte/gloss black, gloss/matte silver or shadow chrome. Got wheels to repaint? Contact Wrap Co today for a free quote.


Curl Curl Car Window/Light Tinting

Achieve the sleek, stealthy look with tinted windows and lights. Our window tints reduce UV rays, offer protection against minor scratches and provides heat resistant. Who said window tinting for cars was purely for aesthetic reasons?
Light tints will also provide UV protection and prevent your lights from becoming foggy. It is the perfect addition to a full vinyl wrap to complete the look. Need window tinting or light tinting for your car in Curl Curl? We’re only a call away.

Get Wrapped in Curl Curl with Wrap Co

Call your friendly, experienced and local vehicle vinyl wrap specialists today. Unsure about what service you require? We are more than happy to help. Click here to contact us or alternatively, you can call us on 1300 652 841.